2 Full Days of Interactive Learning

Day 1 - Preparedness and Grant Writing

How Ready Are You Quiz; Grant Systems Best Practices Checklist; Create/Revise Grant Writing Strategic Plan; Update Grant Tool Kit; Create/Update 1-2 Core Program Designs;
Create/Update Core Progam Budget; Measure against SMART & Budget Goals; Establish Team Roles & Continguencies; and Evaluation/Sustainability Plan.

Day 2 - Management and Post Grant Activities

Contract Checklist; Grant Management Responsibilities; Sustainability Plan; Reporting Requirements Template; Budget Tracker; Year-round Stewardship Plan; Team Responsibilities - Assignments; Relevancy Plan


4 Coaching Sessions After Boot Camp

coaching calls lasting 30 minutes to talk through questions and challenges. Get helpful tips, work on goals and be accountable.


Bonus Gifts

Proposal Outline Template

Budget Template

1 Grant Application Review

1 Grant Report Review


Boot Camp Level I - 2 Day Establish

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  • This 2-day interactive bootcamp training is made for you, if you:

    • have an operating budget less than $100,000;
    • not generating at least 20% of your revenue from grants; or
    • are a new executive director or grant writer and new to grants.

    This Course will quickly help you build a functional Grant System so you can write, win and manage your grants.


  • During the first day of training, if you aren't getting exceptional value, you can stop the training and get your money back. 

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