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Grant Services

Providing Everything You Need to Operate a Winning Grant System

Writing Supplies

Preparedness Services

  • Grant Tool Kit

  • Grant Tracker

  • Grant Annual Strategic Plan​

  • Program Design

  • Budget Design

  • Research Mapping & Pipeline

  • Team Playbook

  • Funder Stewardship Plan

Grant Writing Services

  • Template Creation

  • Data Research Reports

  • Guidestar Ranking

  • Charity Navigator Ranking 

  • Registrations for Sam. Login. and

  • Grant Writing with Onboarding

  • Team Policies

  • Team Building 

Pen and folders

Grant Writing

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Bar Chart

Grant Management

  • Contract tracker 

  • Expense tracker​

  • Program Monitor and Evaluation

  • Reimbursement Reports

  • Team Playbook

  • Funder Stewardship Plan

Origami Flapping Birds

Post Grant Activity

  • White Paper Design

  • Presentation Design

  • Micro Business Brainstorm

  • Advocacy Planning

  • Model Replication Planning

Payment in process

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