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You want to win grants.

But, You aren't sure what to do.

Master Grants With Us

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Adult Students



Master Courses

Two Notepads

One-on-One or 

Group Coaching

Work Desk

Grant Writing

Special Projects

Long Assignments

Grant Systems Venn Diagram

Services to Fit Your Needs

in Every Grant System Phase  

  • Digital Tools to Master Courses 

  • Consulting to Coaching 

  • Grant Writing to Grant Management

  • Fractional Chief Grants Officer

Take These Steps:

1. Tell us your challenges with grants 

2. We'll strategize a plan together

3. You'll be on your way to win more grants


Get the Support You Deserve

mosaic of people and a system
A picture of Jan Rodusky, principal of Venn There Grants

Grants are complex!

I know. I have been in your shoes. After 25 years of grant writing, management, and grant making experience, I'm here to help speed up your learning. 

Your nonprofit is unique and you deserve support that fits your team, budget size, and level of experience.

From specific projects to long-term assignments, the Venn There Grants team can be your partner for all your grant needs.

Schedule a strategy call today!

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