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If You are not bringing in at least 20% of your operating revenue from grant awards, winning at least 1 grant a  month, or getting repeat funders, You need help. Your problems are in one or more Circuits of the Grant System.

But, it doesn't have to be like this. You can get help immediately and quickly solve your grant problems.

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The Grant System is made up of four Circuits:

  1. Preparedness - pre-work to set policy and goals, design programs and budgets, Identify team tasks.

  2. Writing - research, guidelines, writing, and following directions. 

  3. Management - of awarded contract to deliver the program as promised and achieve results. 

  4.  Post-Grant Activities - to promote, advocate, and replicate program results.

When one circuit is faulty, it will impact the other circuits. Prolonged avoidance will lead to fewer grants, fewer awards, and fewer repeat funders.

Let's fix Your Grant System together. Where do you need the most help?

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