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There are 1.4 million charitable organizations in the US.       

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You spend time and money on proposals and then get denied. It's frustrating.

Yet, you keep using the same approach and get more rejections.

That's devastating.


How can you keep functioning like this?

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Navigating Grants is hard.

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Grant Writers Room '22

Calling all Grant Writers, 

Don't miss this new professional development series called the Grant Writers Room.  We designed four workshops to re-engage Grant Writers to the practice of Writing.  During each session, an expert Writer will present a different type of writing, a literary element, and a technique. You'll practice writing and strategize how these writing constructs can improve your skills as a Grant Writer. 

February 23     The Annalist  - Narrative Writing

May 25               The Extoller - Persuasive Writing

August 24         The Raconteur - Descriptive Writing

November 16  The Scrivener - Expository Writing


All sessions will be held in West Palm Beach from 9 am-Noon.

Early Bird Price  $75 until January 31, 2022

Regular Price     $99 February 1, 2022 

Seating is limited to 40 Grant Writers 


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Scissor and Sellotape

Overcome your grant hurdles in a one-day workshop. Initiate your Grant System with customized training to win more grants and serve more clients. 


Value $4,500       Price $2,500

Schedule your training now.

Fix Your Grant Problems, Serve More Clients.  

We know your resources are limited. So, stop wasting them.

Take a break from grants, just long enough to build or repair your system. Your investment will yield high returns when you win more funding to serve more clients.

We understand your urgency to win grants. But, how much does it cost you to lose out? 


You can't afford to ignore your Grant System any longer.

You need to do it for your clients.

Grant Writing

Hire an expert Grant Writer.

Pay for the Service one project at a time


Hire a Coach to guide, support, and help you

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On-Site Consulting

Hire a Consultant to work in-house to complete special projects like creating policies, setting Grant goals, or hiring your next Grant Professional.

Customized Support

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