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Confused and overwhelmed by grants?

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Frustrated by the process and not winning?

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Quick Assessment:

1. Do You get frustrated with the time it takes you to write a proposal?

2. Have You won more than 1 grant out of your last four requests?

3. Are You overwhelmed with managing the Grants You won?


If You answered 'Yes' to any of these questions, You need some help. Whether it's your pre-grant work, writing process or post-award causing you headaches, You can get help to quickly resolve this. 

 A. Get a Consultant. Schedule a free 30-minute call to get actions you can use right now to solve your problems.

 B. Hire a Coach. Team up with an expert to guide, support, and keep you accountable.

 C. Take a Course. Master your own Grant Systems through independent study at your own pace.

      Get 15 lessons, templates, exercises, resources, and results. New Classes Starting Soon

Post-Grant Activities
Grant System

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Get a Project Manager

Are you struggling with a grant challenge? Do you have a task you need to complete but can't? Check out the services that are available right now. Don't See what you need? Call for customized project.

Talk to

a Coach

Kick Start Your Grant System with One-on-One Coaching to move past any grant problem with support, tools and  accountability. Sessions are 30 minutes and available in several different packages.

Join the Grant Writers Inner Circle

Join an exclusive group of grant writers to connect, share and solve your grant related challenges.  We meet monthly with a small group.


Take A


Gain knowledge in key areas of Your Grant System to  maximize productivity, efficiency and effectiveness.