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10 Secrets of Successful Grant Management Teams

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

Whether you are a large nonprofit organization or a team of one, you need a team to properly manage grant monies that have been entrusted to you. Your Grant Management Team consists of the grant professional who takes the lead, the program director who carries out the program, the finance director who records the expenses, the marketing director who appropriately recognizes the funder, and the executive director who attests to the work being delivered as promised. If your nonprofit doesn't employ a team approach, you may be violating the contract, missing key opportunities to strengthen the relationship with the funder, and ultimately losing out on repeat funders. Check out the list below. Give yourself one point for each one your nonprofit follows.

1. They know about the award and the restrictions within the grant.

2. They know the grant management policy and comply to complete required tasks.

3. They don’t rely on the Grant Writer to track the program results nor manage the grant spending.

4. They do routinely assist the Grant Writer to write program reports, gather client stories, and communicate with the funder throughout the grant.

5. They set reasonable deadlines to submit reports before the deadlines.

6. They determine the contingency plan in advance, so they can complete the work when someone is unavailable.

7. They have access to the Grant Tracker to review the report deadlines, site visits, and stewardship activities.

8. They don’t pass the buck, say “it’s not my job."

9. They work together to steward the award and build a strong relationship with the funder.

10. They go beyond the grant to extend the organization's program, mission and value.

If you scored less than 7, you may need to make a few adjustments to maximize your team's effectiveness. If you scored 4 or less, You need some help within Your Grant Management Circuit. Let Venn There Grants help sort through your team structure and strategy to foster a Grants Management-friendly team.

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