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Are You Struggling with a Confusing Grant Filing System?

Grant Preparedness

I get it. Organizing your electronic grant files seems trivial, given all the other pressing things to do on your Grant Task List.

But, if you ignore it, you will struggle to find documents when you need them most. Over time, you avoid organizing these files to only end up with a jumbled electronic "filing cabinet' that is unusable. You hack your system by 're-inventing the wheel' and writing the same narratives over and over.

3 Tips to Maximize Your Grant Filing System:

1. Stop naming folders after employees, like "Jan's Folder." Instead, use the program's name, like "Afterschool Program."

2. Create a logical path to a final grant application with subfolders by funder type, funder name, and program name.

3. Use the fiscal year you are delivering the program

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