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Reflections on Grant Writing: 5 Measurements to Track your Professional Progress

As 2021 comes to a close, and you begin your 2022 Grant Strategic Plan, it is valuable to reflect back on the current year. What were your grant successes? What are your areas for improvement? Monthly check-ins on your progress are important to keep you on track, but the full-year assessment will inspire you for a new year ahead.

Consider 5 key measurements that will tell of your Grant Success:

  1. Number of Grants Written. Is this number too low? Too high? Compare it to the number of grants awarded. What do you want that percentage to be? 40-60% is very good.

  2. Number of Grants Awarded. Is this number too low? Too high? You might think, "there's no such thing as too high." But, if your team has too many grants to comply with, they will not be able to deliver. If this happens, you may have to return funding.

  3. Dollars Raised. How much money was awarded? What percentage were reimbursement-based grants? Is the organization on pace to receive all the funding?

  4. Strengthening External Relationships. What was your progress toward establishing and maintaining your relationship with your funders?

  5. Strengthening Internal Relationships. What was your progress toward reinforcing a collaborative approach to grant preparedness, writing, and management?

Join us at the next Grant Writers Circle meeting on Friday, December 10, to share your successes, lessons learned, and hear helpful tips from your peers.

You can also join our Grant Writers Circle Group on Facebook.

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